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Welcome to the SD Independent

Although a nice sunny day, the wind was blowing quite considerably when we welcomed Serco’s SD Independent into dry dock, ready for some scheduled maintenance

Due to the recent storms, we weren’t 100% sure if she would make it but thankfully, she arrived safely and on time

Extra care was required for the lift, to ensure there weren’t any surprises with sudden gusts of wind and as a result, everything went to plan

Here’s a short video of the vessel arriving, along with the subsequent lift

May the work commence!!!

More updates following a fantastic paint job…

Another Cemex Testimonial

What others say about you, means so much more than what you say about yourself…

Following a recent urgent breakdown with one of Cemex’s vessels, ‘the Sand Falcon’, IME engineers attended and resolved the issue quickly and efficiently

Here’s what Ben Manfield had to say about our recent service…

1206(A) and 1207(A) Barges

Another project successfully completed

Work included:

– Lifting the barges out of the water and into the yard
– Erect scaffolding, cover with a net and HP wash the hull
– Survey (thickness test). Serco supplied their own engineer for this
– Carry out relevant repairs, subject to the survey (none in this occasion)
– Paint vessel as per spec
– Remove scaffolding, relaunch and ensure watertight integrity

There will be more work required on the two vessels in the future but for now, they’re back in the water, on time and on budget

IME Engineering attempt to avoid new congestion charges in Portsmouth

Fake News Alert

Recently spotted in Portsmouth was this converted flatbed lorry operated by IME Engineering. What looks to be some kind of new exhaust system has been fitted in what could be an attempt to circumvent new emission regulations coming into force.

When asked for comment Gary Hatch of IME said, “Although cargo space has been compromised, by converting these pieces into some sort of exhaust gas scrubber it is hoped we will dodge any future emission charges.” Jim Moody, another employee who didn’t want to be named said that, “Although it looks a bit Heath Robinson at the moment, our design office is currently drawing the MKII version on the back of another fag packet.”